on,in,at ... Time & Place


Use on with names of days or dates

On Thursday -- on Monday morning

On New Year's Day -- On the weekend

On Sundays -- On a weekday

( Use in with periods of time ( but not with names of days

In 1998 -- in July

in (the) spring -- In the morning

in the 20th century -- in the 1950s

Use at with specific moments in time

At 9:00 -- at ten thirty – five

at 6 o'clock -- At sunrise

at noon -- at midnight



Use on with the names of streets and specific physical locations

On Main street -- On Smith Avenue

On the corner -- On the street

on the right -- on the left

Use in with names of cities, countries, continents, and other large locations

In the neighborhood -- in the center of town

in UAE -- In Dubai

in Asia -- in the ocean

Use at for buildings and addresses

At the theater -- at the supermarket

at the bank -- At the train station

at 10 Main Street -- at 365 Smith Avenue



When's the movie? The movie is …. Friday ………. 8:30

the weekend , I'm going to the concert …. The public library....

Where is he? He's not here right now. He's ……. Work

Where's his office? It's ……. the center of town

When was her mother born? She was born……… January 1

When dose the movie take place? It takes place ….. the 19th century … Africa

There is a ticket booth ….. the center of town

? Is the concert hall ….. Grove Street

I think the theater is …… the right side of the street

Let's go to the early show. The concert is outside, and the weather gets really hot ….. the afternoon

This concert occurs every second year ….. November

? I'll see you …. Thursday morning in front of the theater, ok

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